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We are business intelligence for agriculture business and farmers. We integrate m2m solutions, mobile application and big data tools to monitor and keep on track all the different factors affecting crops such as: pests, unbalanced soil, extreme weather conditions and agrochemicals abuse.


Scouting App
Simplify the process of monitoring pests, diseases and beneficials with our easy to use mobile applications. Recording the data is easy and more efficient than using traditional methods such as paper, which allows you to have a smooth implementation. Once the data is synchronized with the server, the following metrics can be immediately observed:
  • Satelite map with the recorded points. Allows you to get an overview of the current sanitary status of the farm
  • Comparative heatmaps to easily compare previous measures with the current status
  • Charts and reports with the INCIDENCE and SEVERITY of pests and diseases
These features are aimed to facilitate the monitoring process and facilitate the post-processing of the information. Benefit from a more reliable and efficient monitoring
Sensors and Weather stations
Soil sensors and weather stations to capture real time data:
  • Sensors installed in the field capturing and transmitting real-time metrics such as soil moisture, relative humidity, air & soil temperature, radiation, etc.
  • Farmapp is fully compatible with existing sensors and weather stations than can transmit data online
  • Receive real-time alerts based on weather conditions and its relation to pests & diseases
Farmapp also offers weather forecasts based on satellite images and proprietary algorithms.
Allows for tracking the routes and speed of movement of the sprayer in order to optimize the quantity of the product supplied and to control the application of agrochemicals and fertilizers in the field. The paths can be captured with our mobile applications and/or external GPS devices.

Through our web portal, the fumigation route can be visualized on a single map, superimposed on the phytosanitary status of the crop for each block, while offering summaries of speeds and application temperatures.

This module significantly reduces the use of agrochemicals and fertilizers in the crop.


Cost of pesticides and biological control

Save money with precision spraying and targeted release of natural enemies

Time between monitoring and action control

Digitising the monitoring process allows you take actions on time. Forget about pen and paper

When, where and how to spray

Our geo-referenced modules help you understand how and where the chemicals are applied

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Farmapp was selected as one of the ten best business ideas 100% Colombian in 2014 by The magazine "Dinero".

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